CORPO*038: Starfuckers - "Infrantumi" / 12" LP reissue

CORPO*038: Starfuckers - "Infrantumi" / 12" LP reissue

20 EUR

by Starfuckers

Artwork by Francesco Eppesteingher

Cover: 2 colors, white and silver on 400gr black paper, water based ink, handprinted
Inner sleeve: 1 color, black on 320gr silver paper, water based ink, handprinted
180gr black vinil
Edition of 300, handnumbered
February 2015

Manuele Giannini: guitar, voice
Alessandro Bocci: electronics
Roberto Bertacchini: drums

tr. all: Stefano Annunziata [RIP] (psychotropic propulsion)
tr. 3: Marcella Riccardi, Egle Sommacal (guitar)
tr. 4-5-6-11: Gianni Ginesi (guitar)
tr. 9: Emidio Clementi (harmonium)
tr. 10: Vittoria Burattini (drums)
tr. 11: Mauro Rigoni, Sandro Andriani (guitar)
tr. ?: Massimo Carozzi (?)

Conceived in April 1997
Recorded at Studi Domestici (Massa) July-August 1997
Voiced at One Vamp (Bologna) September 1997
Transferred on tape and mixed at Vida Studio (Rubiera) October 17-18, 1997, supervision by Kaba C
Produced by Starfuckers
Originally released on CD in 1997 by Drunken Fish Records (San Francisco, CA) and Audioglobe/Lessness (Firenze)

Vinyl reissue mastered from Dat safety copy by Giuseppe Ielasi
Pressed in vinyl by Phono Press International srl

... infrantumi was recorded in the summer of 1997 in Massa, in the cramped attic of the Bocci house, all the equipment we had was: a sampler, a small mixer, an analog synth, a digital multi-effect, an electric guitar, a cheap transistor amp, a low wattage monitor, a vintage drum kit and a turntable. For recording we decided to use a mini-disc four-track recorder and a single microphone; all the tracks have been transferred to a 2-inch reel to reel tape recorder and mixed without any editing or additional outboard.

strfckrs October 2014 Bologna